Why does a dead tooth hurt?

Appear dead teeth pain can be completely unexpected, and so bright and pronounced that you can’t even say that it no longer has a nerve. And in such a situation, a person is completely lost, because almost everyone is sure that dead teeth ache just can't.

When a patient's dental nerve is removed according to indications, the person breathes a sigh of relief: finally, the torment is over and the pain that has bothered him for a long time will not return. And suddenly, after a while (sometimes quite a long time), he is surprised to find that a dead tooth hurts when pressed or when tapped.

The specialists of our clinic will quickly find the dead teeth cause , which caused pain and discomfort, and which must be eliminated so that you can continue to live calmly and measuredly. So what can happen to a dead tooth?

So what causes a dead tooth ?

The safest and painless option is to contact our clinic for a painless and quick pulp removal. Most often it produces in the event that dying teeth symptoms , for example, pulpitis, that is, inflammation of the nerve and the manifestation of serious painful sensations that literally do not allow you to live in peace. You should not delay the treatment of such problems, because otherwise more serious diseases may appear and manifest.

We quickly and efficiently treat dental problems of any complexity at an affordable price, as well as work with dead teeth, help to cope with pain and eliminate dead teeth. teeth smell .

Why does a dead tooth hurt?

Essentially, toothache how long before nerve dies should not appear, since it appears due to the influence of negative external factors on the nerve, which is no longer in the tooth. A does a dead teeth need a root channel ? No, it is laid with specialized preparations that prevent tooth resolution and exclude the possibility of pain.

But at the same time, pains can still appear exactly in the place where the wisdom tooth is located, but they will be associated either with the gums, or with pain transmitted throughout the oral cavity, and so on.

But at the same time, the appearance of pain immediately after removal is a normal phenomenon that will appear after the effect of anesthesia has passed. It should pass within 2-3 days, provided there are no complications, or within the period of time that our dentist has tentatively established.

After removing the nerve, we will talk about how to properly treat at home, what points to pay attention to and contact us as soon as they appear, how you can deal with discomfort and bad breath on your own, and so on. By the way, it is worth noting that exactly say how to get rid of dead tooth smell, without visiting the dentist, is difficult, since the problem will not be, again, directly in the tooth itself. We will be able to accurately determine the reason why it appeared, as well as tell about the elimination measures.

Not always the appearance of an unpleasant odor is directly related to dental problems. Sometimes the smell appears due to problems with the gastrointestinal tract, the accelerated development of pathogenic flora, and so on. You may also need to visit other narrow specialists to deal with the problem. Our dental clinic works in all directions. Each doctor has not only a specialized education, but also extensive work experience, is a professional in his field, who regularly improves his professionalism.

Is it possible to recover at home?

It will be almost impossible to completely cope with the problem and restore the normal condition of the teeth on your own. It is recommended to contact our clinic when the first alarming symptoms appear - you will be satisfied and will not feel pain.

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