Surgical treatment

Have you damaged your teeth, or are your wisdom teeth painfully cut? It is necessary to consult with a dental surgeon. An ordinary therapist is unlikely to be able to solve such a problem. The task of surgical dentistry is to preserve the integrity of the dentition with the fewest possible losses for the patient and to ensure the normal operation of the lower and upper jaws.

When is a visit to a dental surgeon a necessity?

Even if you can boast of 100% resistance to the appearance of caries, this does not mean that a problem with teeth is impossible. Surgical intervention may be required if:

  • As a result of the injury, the integrity of the jaw bone is broken, and dental crowns are destroyed;
  • Inflammatory diseases of soft tissues have been diagnosed, but the therapeutic effect on them has not shown a therapeutic effect;
  • There are congenital maxillofacial defects;
  • A wisdom tooth did not fully erupt or grew crookedly when it was necessary to rip out a wisdom tooth;
  • In the presence of tumors of various origins (benign and malignant).
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Important! Surgical treatment is prescribed if therapy does not allow for preservation of the tooth or the elimination of possible infection or damage to bone and soft tissues. Like any dentist, a oral surgeon has one goal: to preserve teeth, so removal is recommended in exceptional cases.

Indications for Surgical Treatment

Surgical intervention is performed in cases where conservative treatment is ineffective or impossible. The operation is indicated:

  • For severe purulent processes
  • In case of tooth damage.
  • With neoplasms of various genesis in the tissues of the jaw.
  • The methods of conservative therapy have exhausted themselves.
  • There is a threat to the health and life of the patient.
  • Athetic dentistry and orthopedics according to indications.


All operations have strict indications, including the tooth root resection. They depend on the age of the patient, his diagnosis, the presence of chronic and concomitant diseases, and his condition at the time of treatment at the clinic.

Complex tooth extractions only undergo a full examination and X-ray to exclude the possibility of complications.

How much does it cost to extract a tooth? The total amount depends on the complexity of the operation and any additional conditions. A wisdom tooth extraction at cost helps get rid of problems once and for all.

What is included in the section on surgical dentistry?

Surgical dentistry is a huge field in which doctors eliminate a lot of problems.

The surgery is divided into sections:

  • Periodontology solves all the problems associated with gums, pathological periodontal pockets, and recesses of the gums. This also includes plastic surgery on the gums (excision of excess tissue or flap operations to increase the volume of the gums).
  • Dental diseases. In this section, surgeons are engaged in operations for the removal, replantation, and implantation of teeth.
  • Maxillofacial surgery. He is engaged in complex operations on the jaws and maxillary sinuses.

Types of surgical interventions in dentistry


In the clinic, the specialist performs the following operations:

  • opens dentinal abscesses;
  • removes teeth that cannot be restored and molars that endanger tooth health and dentition integrity, including 8-tooth extraction by surgeons;
  • removes bone tissue that has separated from the main one during the development of osteomyelitis;
  • eliminates cysts;
  • increases the missing volume of atrophied bone tissue;
  • performs plastic surgery of the maxillary sinuses (closes the canal after tooth extraction);
  • eliminates pathological neoplasms (tumors).

Surgical treatment is necessary for cutting the labial and sublingual bridles, as well as for the diagnosis of specific diseases of the oral cavity and jaw.

Modern dentistry allows you to save the tooth surgically. Dental preservation operations include:

  • resection (removal of a part of the root of a diseased tooth through the gum while preserving a crown suitable for aesthetic restoration);
  • hemisection (removal of one root on multi-root molars).

In addition, dental surgery includes prosthetics or implantation in those areas of the jaw where there are no dental blocks. Moreover, a good specialist can restore integrity both in the absence of 1-2 teeth and with complete adhesion.

Features of dental surgery in our clinic

Operations on bones and soft tissues in our clinic are carried out by specialists with many years of experience. The procedures are performed under anesthesia (local or general).

The equipment in the clinic allows you to make an accurate diagnosis. Within the walls of dentistry, X-rays, hardware examinations, and testing of sensitivity to anesthesia are carried out.

So, how much is it to remove a wisdom tooth? The tooth extraction price depends on the complexity of the manipulation. Before the operation, the specialist conducts a consultation at which the patient can ask clarifying questions. In the clinic, all prices are fixed, including the molar removal price. Any issue involving oral pathologies can be resolved. In our clinic, you can also contact a pediatric oral surgeon. And in a timely and painless manner. Contact us and see for yourself.

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