basic procedure implantation involves a surgical intervention to install a special titanium pin in place of a missing tooth. A bridge or crown is fixed to the structure. The uniqueness of the technology lies in the fact that it becomes possible to restore a complete dentition, regardless of the number of lost teeth. This is an innovative method that surpasses the standard prosthetic procedure and allows you to return a beautiful and natural smile.

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Classification of implants

Quality dental Implants are dental structures that are used to replace missing teeth. The design is an artificial analogue of the root, which is installed in the jawbone through surgery. When complete fusion with living tissue occurs, an abutment is placed on the post and, finally, a crown. Through the use of modern anesthesia, the implant placement operation is completely painless.

Depending on the area of implantation, best dental implants are classified as follows:

  • extraosseous. It is fixed on the periosteal layer with installation in the gum;
  • intraosseous. Fixation in the central layer of the jawbone;
  • mini dental implants . Screwing structures occurs in the jawbone, but to a lesser depth in comparison with intraosseous. Primarily used for edentulous patients to fix removable dentures;
  • basal. The implant is implanted into the deep basal layer of the bone. Therefore, osteoplasty is not required beforehand;
  • zygomatic. It has a non-standard length, which allows you to make an implant installation without the use of bone grafting. Not applicable for the two-stage restoration of the lower dentition.

Clinic Factor Smile is the place of implantation where is carried out using modern technologies and equipment. Materials of the American brand Nobel are mainly used , as well as Korean-made implants. The difference lies only in the cost, which allows each patient to choose the most appropriate option, taking into account the available budget.


How the final price of the service is formed

For each patient, the choice of implants is individual. For this reason, there is no single value. The calculation is carried out on a personal basis, taking into account medical indications and contraindications, as well as the wishes of the patient.

The following factors influence the final price of the service:

  • implant cost (kind, manufacturer);
  • features of the clinical picture (in some situations, before the turnkey implant may require bone grafting);
  • the number of preparatory measures (before installation, a comprehensive rehabilitation of the oral cavity, dental treatment may be required);
  • type of crown (materials used, manufacturer).

Full calculation of the cost of tooth implant placement is possible after visiting the dentist. Before signing a contract for the provision of services, all the nuances and details must be agreed, as well as the final amount, which does not change until the treatment is completed.


Applying to the clinic "Smile Factor" is the key to success

Using the modern method of implantation is an expensive procedure. For this reason, it is important to turn to true professionals with a responsible approach to their work. There are several reasons why you should seek help from the Factor Clinic. smile :

implantologists working in the clinic are highly qualified and have rich practical experience, which allows them to successfully cope with the task even in the most difficult situations;

  • the process of implantation is carried out in absolutely sterile conditions;
  • innovative modern equipment and the best techniques are used in the work;
  • each office is equipped with the latest technology;
  • a contract is concluded indicating a fixed cost of services;
  • the installation and implants have a lifetime warranty;
  • Experienced dentists carry out a personal approach to each patient, which allows them to cope with the most difficult tasks, including complete adentia.

Numerous positive reviews from patients also testify to the conscientious and successful work of our clinic.

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