One of the most important roles in the prevention of dental problems is assigned to prevention. Practice proves that it is much easier to eliminate the cause of the disease than to carry out its complex treatment. You will need to spend more time and effort for it.

Timely informing the population about the importance of preventive procedures helps to reduce the number of dental problems. It includes the appearance of caries and periodontal disease, loss of teeth at a young age. The increasing number of children and adolescents with intact teeth is one of the goals of prevention in pediatric dentistry. It will help to maintain the health of the teeth and oral cavity for life. In practice, patients most often seek help from a dentist with a problem that has already appeared. Although its occurrence could be avoided.

Regularly visiting the dentist and following his recommendations keep healthy teeth for a long time. Please note that at the Smile Factor Clinic, you can get an online doctor's consultation to obtain primary information. Fill out the request form on the website to take advantage of this opportunity.

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List of preventive procedures

Adult patients can undergo the following procedures in our clinic:

  • invasive fissure sealing;
  • deep teeth fluoridation;
  • covering of tooth enamel with fluoride-containing preparations;
  • modern restorative technique of dental dental remotherapy;
  • tooth enamel remineralization;
  • professional hygiene.

For the prevention of dental diseases in children's age, it is recommended to carry out professional teeth cleaning at least once every 3-4 months. The procedure will help to get rid of plaque on the teeth and the appearance of stones in hard-to-reach places. Preventive procedures also include:


  • fissure sealing in children – covering the bends of the tooth with a sealant;
  • carrying out remineralizing therapy with the help of special drugs;
  • silvering of baby teeth that allows to save them from destruction;
  • fluoridation of milk teeth.

You can find out the fissure sealing price and the cost of other procedures on our website.

Stages of prevention in dentistry

Prevention is usually carried out in 3 stages:

  1. Primary prevention involves informing the population about issues related to oral hygiene. The dentist gives recommendations for using of certain nutrition systems. Following them will help improve the dental health. Regular visits to the dentist for examination of the oral cavity.
  2. Secondary prevention. At this stage, the patient goes to the dentist with a certain problem. However, the disease is in the initial stages of development. Therapeutic methods of treatment will help to prevent it.
  3. The third stage of prevention is associated with the treatment of a certain disease. The procedures are aimed at preventing the appearance of problems in adjacent teeth. Modern methods of treatment exclude the emergence of complications and affect rehabilitation.

Approach of dental problems prevention


Methods of prevention in dentistry are usually divided into three groups:

  1. Recommendation for the consumption of foods with a high content of fluoride.
  2. Group methods – conducting conversations in teams aimed at spreading knowledge about personal hygiene, proper nutrition and the need to get into the habit the regular visits to the dentist.
  3. Individual consultations – assistance in solving the problem and recommendations for its prevention.

Teeth remineralization procedure will allow you to keep your health. It is aimed at eliminating defects in the structure of the surface layer of tooth enamel. Recovery occurs due to enamel remineralization with valuable macro and microelements. Fissure sealing in adults is indicated for signs of hypersensitivity of teeth and the identification of areas of demineralization.

Teeth remineralization price will depend on the number of procedures assigned. The course of treatment depends on the patient's dental health. It usually includes 10-20 visits. Dentists of the Smile Factor clinic make tooth fluoridation at a price that will pleasantly surprise you.

Carrying out daily dental care, you observe the basic rule of prevention. Our specialists will do everything possible to help you to maintain dental health.

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