It is widely believed among adults that orthodontic bite correction is possible only in children or adolescents. But highly qualified doctors have proved that this opinion is erroneous. Thanks to the advent of modern methods of treatment, the correction of malocclusion is acceptable in patients at any age. New braces are almost invisible, which allows you to maintain an aesthetic smile.

In children aged 9-12 years, the fight against malocclusion occurs through the use of "plates". But in adults, such an expansion is impossible. Therefore bite is used correction with braces .

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How much does orthodontic treatment cost

The most effective teeth method alignment is the setting of braces . The corrective method has gained popularity due to the successful solution of even the most difficult problems. By contacting the Factor clinic Smile , each client can count on affordable prices and the use of only modern bracket systems.

The design is selected on a personal basis for children and adults, taking into account the physiological characteristics and financial capabilities of patients. Orthodontist factor Smile will conduct the necessary diagnostics, answer your questions and provide a detailed consultation.

Teeth alignment prices are completely transparent. From time to time, the clinic hosts pleasant promotions and discounts that allow you to save even more money on procedures.


Consequences of malocclusion

Orthodontics services helps to solve the problem not only of an aesthetic nature, but, first of all, to eliminate the risks of developing diseases of the speech and masticatory apparatus, as well as the digestive tract.

If you do not use orthodontic in a timely manner treatment and not correct the bite, the following consequences may occur:

  • the occurrence of uneven chewing pressure leads to accelerated abrasion of the dental elements;
  • due to overexertion of the temporomandibular joint, the patient experiences pain, unpleasant clicks in the jaw area;
  • difficulties in performing hygiene procedures, due to which the risk of developing periodontal disease is high;
  • because of anomaly there can be problems with prosthetics;
  • due to improper chewing of food, there may be difficulties with the work of the digestive tract.

Correct bite in adults occurs until the closing of the dentition begins to occur properly.


Step by step correction

To form correct orthodontics bites will take a long time. But with the proper qualification of a specialist, you can count on a high result. Experienced clinicians Factor Smile perform the following procedure:

  • primary visit to the orthodontist , consultation and appointment of diagnostics;
  • complex sanitation of the oral cavity, cleaning of the dentition from stones and plaque;
  • making high-precision casts, taking pictures and x-rays (in some cases, scanning in 3D format is additionally used ) ;
  • locks are fixed on a special cement to activate the system;
  • scheduled visits to the doctor. The frequency, as a rule, is 1 time in 1.5-3 months. It all depends on what type of braces are used;
  • removal of the system after the implementation of the task;
  • cleaning of the dentition with the help of specialized equipment;
  • to fix the result, retainers are used , which will not allow the tooth to take its original position.

Orthodontics cost is calculated on an individual basis, taking into account the complexity of the problem, the system of braces used , and the age characteristics of the patient. As a rule, the average duration of treatment is 1-2 years. The same amount of time will be needed to use retainers . If a difficult case is observed, then the time can be increased by 2 times.

At the Factor Clinic Smile employs highly qualified doctors who will help you choose bracket systems, taking into account the financial capabilities of the client. The work uses modern diagnostic equipment, which will help to determine the future scope of work as accurately as possible. To find out more information, you can sign up for a preliminary consultation .

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