3D scanning

The preferred method for dental restoration involves the placement of prostheses or implants. Prior to initiating this procedure, dentists must conduct a detailed 3D scan of the teeth and engage in several other preparatory steps.

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Overview of the 3 Shape Intraoral Scanner

Clinic "Smile Factor" offers 3 d computer tomography of teeth at affordable prices. Innovative equipment helps to reproduce the dentition as accurately as possible due to modern imaging methods. The device can create a three-dimensional image of a tooth, gum or oral cavity in a few minutes.

When using the standard impression procedure by inserting a special spoon into the oral cavity, a person often has unpleasant sensations, a gag reflex. A plaster cast often has errors, which requires additional refinement and adjustment.

3d _ teeth scan 3 d makes it possible to obtain a highly accurate and detailed image of the jaw in every area. After collecting information, dental technicians begin to form a product for subsequent prosthetics, implantation or bite correction.

What are the capabilities of a modern scanner


Potential computerized 3d dental tomography extensive . Modern equipment is widely used in the following areas:

  • for a future prosthetic procedure. dental scan instead of casts helps speed up the process of transferring information to the laboratory in order to fabricate complex crowns, veneers or removable dentures in the future. The program also allows you to choose the most accurate shade of the enamel coating, reduces the number of necessary fittings;
  • in orthodontics model 3 d teeth helps to establish the characteristic features of the bite, set all existing parameters in order to develop braces , aligners and other corrective systems in order to properly organize a set of therapeutic measures;
  • implantation. Thanks to available teeth scanning price at the Smile Factor clinic, you can quickly simulate the most accurate result, put a surgical template, increase the accuracy of work and reduce the time for work. According to 3D images it is possible to manufacture abutments ;
  • in therapeutic treatment. Detailed information is stored on the PC. Based on these data, the specialist can perform a comparison with the available data and the results of previous diagnostics, evaluate the dynamics, and also develop the correct recommendations for caring for the oral cavity.

Asking where can i get a 3 d scan of teeth at affordable prices, you should definitely contact the Smile Factor clinic. Experienced professionals will scan for adults and young patients. The cost of the procedure will remain the same.

Benefits of Using a 3D Scanner

Utilizing an optical scanner for diagnostic purposes represents a cutting-edge and efficient approach in dentistry. This advanced technology helps lower the costs of 3D dental scans and reduces the effort required from both patients and practitioners.


Key benefits of this technology include:

  • Versatility: Suitable for patients of all ages.
  • Efficiency: Eliminates the need for traditional casting, speeding up the creation and fitting of dental structures.
  • Safety: Lacks any contraindications.
  • Comfort and Speed: The compact scanner quickly gathers necessary data without causing patient discomfort.
  • Precision: Avoids the inaccuracies associated with traditional impression materials.
  • Color Matching: Ensures the prosthetic is indistinguishable from natural teeth.
  • Easy Adjustments: Modifications can be made directly on the screen, without the need for re-scanning.
  • Comprehensive Imaging: A 360-degree camera rotation offers detailed views of even the most inaccessible areas.
  • Aesthetic Modeling: Software capabilities allow for the design of smiles with exceptional aesthetic results.

Images are transmitted to the monitor in seconds, facilitating optimal dentist-patient communication and treatment outcomes.

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