Oral hygiene

Daily oral health care is a whole range of activities, including daily care, hygiene measures and timely treatment of dental elements. With a responsible approach, the patient can keep a beautiful and attractive smile for a long time.

The main reason for the appearance and development of caries is the formation of microbial plaque. Gradually, he begins to turn into stone. To maintain an attractive smile for a long time, a professional oral hygiene for adults at the Factor clinic Smile . This is a complex event including tartar removal , removal of dental deposits and the implementation of preventive measures against diseases of the oral cavity.

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Favorable offer from the Factor clinic smile

professional painless tartar cleaning helps eliminate the shortcomings of self-performed hygienic care, even out the color of tooth enamel without additional whitening techniques.


At the Factor Clinic Smile uses only the best, modern equipment that can provide painless oral care. The professional team uses proven materials for years. Specialists 4 times a year improve their own qualifications, providing high quality dental services. At the same time oral hygiene cost remains at the same accessible level.

Our clinic offers to look at professional oral hygiene from a different angle: by performing regular cleaning, you can several times reduce the risk of plaque formation and, as a result, tartar, the occurrence of inflammatory processes. At the same time, air flow teeth cleaning price is presented in the accessible segment.

What activities are included in professional hygiene

At the Factor Clinic Smile m created the most comfortable conditions for patients. To dental complex hygiene includes the following services:

  • the dentist examines the condition of the oral cavity;
  • elimination of tartar with air flow system or ultrasonic system;
  • plaque is removed using a modern device Air Flow ;
  • enamel polishing;
  • fluorine varnish is applied ;
  • a visit to the dentist for further consultation regarding the implementation of self-hygiene, proper nutrition, selection of a toothbrush.


Dental cleaning at the clinic is carried out in several ways. Using an ultrasonic system, it is possible to eliminate solid particles that have been deposited on the dentition. Thanks to available aire flow price , every client can achieve an attractive smile. This system involves the use of water and a special composition, which is supplied under pressure. With it, you can safely remove deposits and make the enamel a little lighter. During the procedure, the patient does not experience any discomfort or pain. The fluorine applied at the end helps to reduce the development of caries and reduces the level of tooth sensitivity during brushing.

What are the contraindications

It is recommended to refuse the elimination of tartar and professional dental cleaning in the following cases:

  • the period of exacerbation of an infectious disease, with lesions of soft and hard tissues in the oral cavity;
  • in exacerbation of diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • during pregnancy;
  • in the presence of pulmonary and bronchial diseases that are in the acute stage.

In these cases, you should first consult a dentist. A specialist can help determine which oral services hygiene can currently be carried out without harm to health.

How often is the procedure

A set of measures is mandatory before the bite is corrected and after the procedure, as well as when the color of the teeth changes (if poor-quality cleaning or care is performed).

Before going for bleaching or fluoridation, a comprehensive cleaning is initially carried out. For the purpose of prevention, experts recommend attending this event twice a year. If the patient has a tendency to inflammation or caries, then the number of visits may increase. Thanks to the available tooth brushing cost ultrasound dental stone removal at Factor clinic Smile , every client can count on maintaining a beautiful and healthy smile.

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