Experienced and highly qualified dentists of the clinic "Smile Factors" offer quality services straighten teeth with eliners at affordable prices. A team of orthodontists will give preliminary advice on emerging issues, diagnose and calculate the price on an individual basis.

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What are aligners

Eliners is an orthodontic construction made of durable and elastic material that helps to eliminate deviations in the dentition and correct the bite. Visually, the design resembles a colorless kappa and is practically invisible from the outside. They are widely popular in the field of aesthetic dentistry as a worthy alternative to braces.


Biosilicone is used for manufacturing . Even after prolonged use of eliners for teeth , there is no release of dangerous toxic substances that cause an allergic reaction or injury to soft tissues.

Experts recommend ligner placement for 18 hours a day. The design is easy to remove before eating or for hygiene purposes. The manufacture of such an insert is carried out individually. For this, an impression of the upper and lower jaws is first made. To find out how much does it cost to put orthodontic braces on , you should contact the clinic " Factor Smile ". When using such structures, most patients do not experience psychological discomfort or aesthetic dissatisfaction.

Indications for use

Using transparent aligners is useful in the following cases:

  • in the presence of large distances between dental units (trema or diastema );
  • the curvature of the face oval is diagnosed at the initial stage due to cross and mesial occlusion. Visually, such changes are practically invisible;
  • teeth are crowded;
  • open bite resulting from mechanical damage, dislocations;
  • required bite correction with eliners ;
  • preparation in implantation is necessary;
  • dentoalveolar elongation or shortening.

Attention: when diagnosing serious defects, the use of such mouthguards is not recommended. To find out if such designs are suitable for solving a particular dental problem, you first need to contact your doctor. Based on the results of the diagnostics carried out, a certain type of liners will also be installed. Specialists of the clinic "Factor Smile " will be able to offer affordable the price of orthodontic braces .

Featured Benefits


Among the undeniable advantages of using aligners are the following aspects:

  • comfortable use. The aligner fits snugly to the gum, so irritation of the mucous membrane or rubbing of the gums is eliminated;
  • there are no pain sensations. The use of mouthguards does not cause pain;
  • clear diction is preserved. The design does not contribute to the distortion of diction (in comparison with some types of braces );
  • mouthguards do not contribute to the destruction of tooth enamel, do not cause the development of caries;
  • installation does not cause pain. No need to use anesthesia;
  • psychological comfort during use. For many people, it is especially important that when smiling, the design should not be visible. For this reason, most patients categorically refuse braces ;
  • simple and uncomplicated care. The aligner is easily removed, which makes it easy to perform hygienic cleaning of the teeth and the structure itself;
  • there are no dietary restrictions.

Currently, orthodontists are confident that this system is the most convenient for patients of various age groups. To know eliners price , just look at the price list on the official website of the Smile Factor clinic. You can also learn about other benefits of the aligner at a consultation with an orthodontist .

Despite the fact that the cost of such structures is more expensive compared to a standard bracket system, the result still justifies any expectations. The first positive dynamics already appears after a short period of time, if you follow the recommendations of specialists.

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