Computed tomography of teeth



Computed tomography (CT) of teeth and jaws is one of the most informative and reliable methods examine the oral cavity and tissues. Computed tomography can detect even the slightest deviations, which allows make the most accurate diagnosis of teeth and prescribe exceptionally effective treatment in any field of dentistry.

Advantages of Computed Tomography:

  • High accuracy of received data. For example, the parameters of bone tissue are determined with an accuracy of fractions of millimeters.
  • Image clarity. The picture is of such high quality that it makes it possible to detect various kinds of features and anomalies in the structure of the jaws and teeth.
  • Computed tomography will allow you to accurately assess the condition of both one unit and the entire dentition.

3D scanning of teeth



For the most accurate reproduction of the dentition, the diagnosis of the oral cavity is carried out by imaging intraoral scanner. This is a modern device that allows you to get a detailed three-dimensional image in a matter of minutes. digital image of dental units, gums and oral cavity.

Diagnostics with an optical scanner is a new and highly effective direction in the field of dentistry.

Advantages of 3D scanning:

  • Versatility. You can scan the oral cavity in people of any age category.
  • No contraindications
  • Comfort. The high speed of the examination and the compact camera make it possible to obtain the necessary information in a short time. information without any discomfort.
  • Exceptional accuracy. The procedure does not use liquids or powders that can cause inaccuracies.
  • The device determines the color of the enamel without any deviations. Finished products are no different from natural teeth.
  • The camera rotates 360°, which provides a detailed view of the most inaccessible places.

The image is transmitted to the monitor screen instantly, which forms the best contact between the dentist and the patient. Doctor can visually show what is happening in the mouth and suggest how best to correct the situation.

Dental microscope



Dentistry with a microscope provides the ultimate in precision and improved dental results. procedures. Thanks to multiple magnification, the device helps to see the slightest changes in the structure of tissues. By using magnifying optical devices, even severely damaged and hopeless teeth can be saved. Treatment is carried out in lying position, which allows the patient to relax. The whole process is displayed on the monitor, if necessary, each moment can be displayed in the picture.


  • Diagnostics capable of detecting even miniature changes;
  • Preservation of healthy tissues due to the clear visibility of the boundaries of damaged areas;
  • High-precision filling of canals without the formation of voids and other defects;
  • Ideal conditions for the passage of channels of irregular shape.


In our network of clinics, we use only advanced and modern technologies to detect and treat problems of any complexity, and the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in diagnosis is another step towards a progressive approach in dentistry.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being used in dentistry to improve diagnostic accuracy, optimize treatment, and improve patient outcomes. Diagnosis is based on artificial intelligence (AI), which carefully analyzes dental x-rays and provides a detailed description on the condition of each tooth.

Diagnocat is a modern new technology based on artificial intelligence, which is able to determine the condition of the patient’s teeth and find signs of various pathologies from X-rays. Diagnocat technology provides an accurate, understandable and comprehensive report on more than 65 dental conditions in just a few minutes!

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