In our network of clinics, we use only advanced and modern technologies to detect and treat problems of any complexity, and the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in diagnosis is another step towards a progressive approach in dentistry.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing dentistry by enhancing diagnostic accuracy and optimizing treatment strategies for better patient outcomes. Utilizing AI in dental diagnostics, specifically Diagnocat technology, enables precise analysis of dental X-rays, offering comprehensive evaluations of each tooth's condition. This approach not only improves the accuracy of diagnoses but also contributes to more effective dental treatments and preventive care.

Diagnocat is a modern new technology based on artificial intelligence, which is able to determine the condition of the patient’s teeth and find signs of various pathologies from X-rays.

Diagnocat technology provides an accurate, understandable and comprehensive report on more than 65 dental conditions in just a few minutes!

Artificial intelligence is the modern day super-accurate assistant to doctors. AI finds signs of diseases in medical images and can make a preliminary diagnosis at an appointment, but the final diagnosis is made by a doctor. As AI is an additional super accurate diagnostic tool.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) enhances diagnostic accuracy in dentistry with advanced tools like Diagnocat.

  • Developed in collaboration with leading maxillofacial radiologists and top dentists globally, Diagnocat employs cutting-edge computer vision technology;
  • Over 30,000 diverse dental CT scans have been analyzed during the AI's training phase;
  • Expert radiologists meticulously labeled abnormalities on these scans, which trained the Diagnocat system to autonomously detect dental issues;
  • Diagnocat's algorithm leverages some of the most sophisticated advancements in computer vision technology, setting new standards for accuracy in dental diagnostics.


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