How to close the gap between the front teeth

Filling process gaps in teeth is carried out in our clinic using modern high-quality materials that completely repeat the structure of the tooth and its natural color, meet the requirements of rigidity and form additional protection. We will tell you about all the options, how to fix gap in front teeth without braces so that a person can independently choose the most optimal offer that fully meets your wishes.

The reason may be the incorrect position of the teeth, the pathology of the structure of the frenulum, partial adentia, for example, the absence of lateral incisors or microdentia - the small size of dental crowns. Sometimes diastema is provoked by bad habits - biting pencils, pens and nails, as well as long sucking on a pacifier in childhood.

How to close gap between teeth?

Our clinic implements various options for dealing with diastema. We select an offer in accordance with the situation, structural features, age, your wishes regarding the appearance and so on. We'll tell you how to fill in the gap between teeth , what care will be required after the installation process, what types of diastema exist and which one you happen to encounter, and so on.

Filling options gaps between teeth are:

  • Building when using composite components. Our specialists closing gap between front teeth in one day, after which you will only need to visit our clinic from time to time to monitor your condition and maintain an attractive smile
  • Using Composers . Considering the question of how to fix front teeth gap , one cannot but note the possibility of using componers , which are thin plates that are installed over the teeth. The process is also carried out in one visit to our clinic, provided there are no decays or other problems with the teeth.
  • The use of veneers . This is a rather expensive option, but allows you to get a Hollywood smile. The teeth become even and attractive, white and without any defects or irregularities. That is, we not only close the gap between the teeth, but also make them visually more attractive, which is a significant plus.
  • Orthodontic treatment. And how to get rid of gap in front teeth through orthodontic treatment? In fact, the process is quite simple - it involves the installation of braces and monitoring the condition as the smile is corrected. In this case, it will take quite a lot of time, and there is no guarantee that the result will fully meet all your wishes. This method of treatment is recommended for the treatment of children, as their jaw is more mobile.

A why is there a gap between teeth ?

The reasons for the appearance of gaps are a huge number, from genetic predisposition to malocclusion, tooth displacement due to trauma, the appearance of wisdom teeth and pressure on the jaw as a result, and so on. We can identify the presumptive cause of gaps between the teeth, which is most likely to have the greatest impact on the position of the dentition and its integrity.

We recommend contacting us at the moment when the gap has just begun to form, as well as regular inspections in order to minimize the likelihood of various problems in the future. It is worth accustoming children to a regular trip to the dentist from a very early age so that they are not afraid of the doctor and have a beautiful and healthy smile.

In our clinic, a huge range of various works is carried out, and therefore it will be possible to quickly and easily select the best option for a particular situation. We provide guarantees for the installed structures and the work carried out, and therefore you can not worry about the occurrence of problems in the near future.

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