Dentures kinds and prices

The prosthetic procedure should be performed by an experienced prosthodontist . This is a process aimed at restoring partial or complete tooth decay. As a result of the work performed, the chewing function is restored with an aesthetically attractive appearance of the smile.

In order for the procedure to fully meet all expectations, it is important to contact professional dental clinics . "Smile Factor" offers a wide range of prosthetic structures at affordable prices. An experienced specialist will carry out a comprehensive examination and give comprehensive advice on restorative methods and select the most suitable option on an individual basis.

What are the types of prosthetics

dentures kinds and prices can be distinguished :

  • removable. Removable products are used that are easy to remove or insert into the oral cavity. This option can be used even in case of complete loss of teeth (dentia);
  • non-removable. Orthopedic constructions are used as a basis, which are firmly fixed with neighboring ones from missing teeth. However, it is impossible to remove or insert such a prosthesis on your own without the intervention of a dentist. Designs have a longer service life;
  • with implants. Today it is the best prosthetics . Implants are implanted that perform an analog function, followed by fixation of the crown or bridge prostheses . This method is used to eliminate single or complete defects and complete restoration of the lower or upper dentition.

Depending on the individual clinical picture, the specialist selects the most suitable option for prosthetics. In the future, tips are being developed for caring for the structure and the oral cavity in order to avoid negative consequences in the future.

The specifics of removable dentures


Mostly false teeth are used for patients who are partially or completely edentulous. Suitable for patients who are looking for a more affordable offer. The following types can be distinguished:

  • complete. Relevant in cases where the dentist fixes complete adentia on the lower or upper jaw;
  • partial. It is used in situations where one tooth or several units are missing. The design is light in weight, so it does not exert much pressure. If necessary, it can change shape. Fastening occurs with the help of special hooks to adjacent teeth. Therefore, a better fixation is achieved. But this option assumes a shorter service life. Corrective action needs to be done periodically.

The main advantage of the design is an attractive price. In addition, the patient does not have to wait a long time until the product is ready. There is a simple adaptation.

It is also recommended to pay attention to the following nuances:

  • do not differ in natural appearance;
  • there is an uneven distribution of pressure, which leads to thinning of the bone tissue, accelerated atrophy;
  • at any time the prosthesis can fall out;
  • specialized and thorough care is required (you need to purchase additional formulations).

Dentists strongly recommend choosing the option of fabricating schema prostheses only as a temporary measure before implanting implants.

The specifics of fixed prostheses

The use of fixed structures is advisable in a situation where restoration of the dentition is required, defects or the absence of anterior or chewing teeth are diagnosed. The structures are fixed firmly, so it will not work to remove the structure on your own. The base is made of durable materials (metal ceramics, ceramics, metal).

Characteristic advantages include the following:

  • uniform distribution of the load on the gums ;
  • it becomes possible to fully restore the chewing and speech options;
  • reliability of fixation;
  • long service life and wear resistance;
  • aesthetically attractive appearance;
  • simple and quick care;
  • bite problems can be solved.

But there is an important nuance: you will have to grind healthy teeth, which will take on the maximum load. In addition, there is a possibility of an allergic reaction if the installation takes place without taking into account the personal characteristics of the patient.

Implant specifics


It consists in the complete replacement of severely damaged or completely missing teeth with an implant. The product is an artificial analogue. The characteristic advantages of the method include the following aspects:

  • long service life;
  • you can achieve a natural and beautiful smile;
  • can be used to restore one or more teeth.

Products are manufactured using safe and hypoallergenic materials. Therefore, the probability of rejection of such a design by the body is minimal.

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