What to do if a tooth aches

Almost every person at least once in his life wondered why do my teeth ache , trying to somehow cope with this unpleasant sensation and return to normal life. Best when teeth appear paining immediately contact the professionals of our clinic, who will diagnose the condition, assess the presence of serious problems, and also advise on self-elimination of aching teeth paining. You can sign up with us in any convenient way.

When a aching pain in a tooth appears, a person is simply not able to think about anything else, because this is one of the most unpleasant sensations. Moreover, it often happens that it starts to hurt at night or at times when dental care is not available (in the country, on a trip, etc.), and it is not possible to immediately consult a doctor for treatment. Why does pain appear, and how to soothe a aching tooth before a visit to the dentist?

Tooth ache causes

Independently diagnose the condition and understand why a certain place hurts or why do all my teeth ache is impossible. This process must be carried out by a professional dentist who has specialized education and experience, for example, in our clinic. All our specialists not only have an education in their field, but also regularly take advanced training courses, and therefore there is no doubt about the professionalism and quality of services.

So, most often the question is why do i get random toothaches , the answer is:

  • Hyperesthesia. Most often a person thinks about teeth aching for no reason , but, in fact, there is a reason, and it lies precisely in the increased sensitivity of the enamel. Almost half of the adult population has this problem, which causes frequent discomfort. Contact our clinic and we will help you cope with constant pain from cold and hot, sweet and strict, other pronounced sensations in the oral cavity.
  • Trauma. Most often bottom teeth ache due to a blow or a small chip that causes the nerve endings to open. The intensity of pain directly depends on the type of injury received, but you should not delay visiting our clinic, as the situation can rapidly worsen, the site of the injury may become inflamed, which will lead to serious negative consequences.
  • Caries or pulpitis. In the event that the problem is not very pronounced, then the person is faced with the question of why does toothache come and go . Indeed, at first, pain and discomfort may be intermittent, but as the problem grows and develops, they will intensify and become more prolonged and pronounced.
  • Inflammation of the gums. This problem can occur for a variety of reasons, including tooth ache after filling , and especially if the patient did not follow the recommendations set by the dentist. If the first signs of inflammation appear, contact us as soon as possible - do not start the problem so that pus or other equally unpleasant and uncomfortable sensations do not arise, which can cause serious expensive treatment

You can only roughly identify the problem on your own. For high-quality and accurate diagnosis, you should contact our clinic. We use innovative equipment and quickly diagnose the condition of the oral cavity, help to identify the problem directly, draw up a course of treatment and give recommendations on self-treatment of pain at home in case of emergency.

Warming procedures are categorically not recommended in this case - rinsing should be at about room temperature, warm compresses and heating pads cannot be applied to the affected area. Heat only accelerates and intensifies the inflammatory process, which can provoke the rapid development of a purulent abscess and the spread of inflammation to nearby tissues.

We do not recommend using home remedies and self-diagnosing, using potent drugs and postponing going to the doctor - this can cause serious problems, inflammation, pus formation, and so on. The use of folk remedies can only aggravate the situation and complicate the treatment in the clinic.

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