Professional dental cleaning

In order to take proper care of your oral and dental health, it is important to have a professional appointment from time to time. dental cleaning . This is a whole complex, including several procedures aimed at eliminating tartar and plaque. Specialists use preparations containing fluoride to strengthen the enamel, help restore the natural whiteness without affecting the structure.

The condition of the enamel and the occurrence of dental diseases can be affected by low-quality water, the consequences of an unfavorable environmental situation, and insufficiently effective oral care.

Each person has an individual anatomical structure of the gums and jaw. For this reason, even if you constantly brush your teeth at home, it is not always possible to get rid of pollution 100%. Gradually, the deposits begin to harden and turn into tartar, which contains dangerous bacteria and dead cells, food debris. These are the main initiators of the development and spread of caries, periodontal disease, and inflammatory processes in the mucosa.

In the clinic "Smile Factor" experienced professionals carry out preventive oral hygiene using modern equipment at affordable prices.


How much does the service cost

The clinic in St. Petersburg offers the help of qualified dentists to anyone who needs a plaque removal and complex cleaning. For a reasonable cost, each client can count on the following:

  • aesthetically attractive snow-white smile;
  • safe dental cleaning from deposits;
  • reducing the impact of negative factors on the teeth and oral cavity, as well as the risk of dental diseases;
  • acquisition of fresh breath.

Depending on the original condition of the enamel, the cost may vary. This is due to the type of fluorination agent used. The clinic also presents prices for the use of air brushing in the online price list.

Step by step cleaning


Comprehensive cleaning in the clinic is carried out using only proven and safe products, as well as modern technology. At the same time, cleaning allows you to improve the aesthetic appearance of a smile and get a therapeutic effect. As a rule, the procedure takes place in several stages:

  • an ultrasonic scaler is used to get rid of hardened deposits. The device has several degrees of power and various nozzles. This helps to get rid of multi-layer deposits in hard-to-reach areas. The procedure does not cause discomfort;
  • the remains of the stone are eliminated with the help of air flow system . The equipment is equipped with a special tip, from where water is supplied with soda granules. Served under high pressure to bring down existing plaque from smoking and coffee. As a result, the enamel acquires its original natural whiteness;
  • polishing. For this, several specialized brushes and a paste are used, which creates a smooth enamel surface;
  • remineralization . This is a procedure that restores and strengthens the enamel thanks to a special composition ( fluorine varnish ).

At home, professional complex cleaning using ordinary preparations is impossible. Such a procedure should be carried out by professional dentists who have enough experience and knowledge to competently get rid of pathogenic accumulations in various hard-to-reach places. It is worth noting that such cleaning will cost several times cheaper compared to separate cleaning of specific elements.

Why should you visit Smile Factor Clinic?


Comprehensive professional cleaning of the oral cavity is not only a mandatory preventive measure, but also, first of all, a therapeutic procedure. If you perform the procedure in a timely manner, you can several times reduce the likelihood of gum disease, the occurrence of foci of caries. Experts strongly recommend performing this procedure twice a year. The number of activities may increase depending on lifestyle, the use of braces or orthodontic plates.

When deciding to apply to the Smile Factor clinic, each client can expect to receive:

  • high-quality cleaning of the oral cavity even from the most difficult deposits without causing harm;
  • no discomfort or pain during brushing;
  • adequate prices for services.

A team of experienced dentists has the necessary experience to carry out this procedure, which also guarantees the high quality of the work performed.

After the conclusion of the contract, each client is automatically assigned a personal manager who will help in solving problems of any complexity. After the conclusion of the contract, the cost is automatically fixed, which excludes additional costs for the client. If necessary, an individual work plan is developed.

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