How to restore and strengthen tooth enamel

The question is how to restore teeth enamel excites almost every adult, since the process of destruction occurs in any case. For some, due to certain circumstances, the process is much faster than for others. At home, carry out the restoration process of teeth Enamel enamel is as difficult as possible, you can only maintain the condition at the existing level, and it is recommended to carry out treatment exclusively in our clinic.

Soreness when eating hot or vice versa cold food, drinks, the appearance of plaque are clear signs that it is time to think about how and with what to restore the enamel on the teeth in order to restore a beautiful smile (this can be done in the dentist's office or at home).

How to strengthen tooth enamel

Question O how to restore tooth enamel naturally , pretty controversial . Despite the fact that there are some ways to strengthen and restore it, it is almost impossible to achieve an excellent result at home. A tooth can be arranged at home enamel protection , which will allow us to maintain the result at an excellent level after the treatment in our clinic. We will talk about how to carry out preventive actions, how to properly care for the oral cavity, how often to visit the dentist's office, and so on.

The process of natural restoration is almost impossible to implement, it is better to immediately come to the professionals and carry out restoration using innovative materials and equipment.

Methods fortifications dental enamels : how to strengthen teeth

So, answering the question of how to strengthen enamel , we can distinguish the following methods that are in demand in modern society:

  • Fluoridation. This is the most common and effective option, enamel be restored , which has proven effectiveness and gives pronounced results after the first application. The bottom line is to apply a specialized composition to the surface of the teeth, which contains fluorine in its composition. It is this substance that helps eliminate dental enamel defects and significantly improve the appearance of the oral cavity, cope with minor damage to the surface of the teeth and improve the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. After carrying out the enamel restoration process in a similar way, it will be necessary to competently organize home care in the form of the use of specialized toothpastes and mouth rinses
  • Nanohydroxyapatite . This substance is as close as possible in composition to natural, and therefore it helps to restore the crystal lattice and perform a number of tasks to restore and strengthen the enamel. At the same time, the substance perfectly integrates into the natural crystal lattice and is completely invisible during visual inspection, does not cause any discomfort or discomfort after the procedure.
  • Amorphous calcium phosphate. Considering the question of how to strengthen weak teeth , one cannot but note the use of such a substance. It involves the appearance of a biological film on the surface of the teeth, which protects the surface from the adverse effects of various acids, and also accelerates the processes of restoration and absorption of the necessary trace elements. As a result, over time, the condition of the teeth gets better and better.

It will be possible to consult on the implementation of certain options for the treatment and restoration of teeth, as well as consulting on the selection of the best option for working with enamel, in our clinic. We guarantee the use of high-quality and safe materials, as well as obtaining an excellent result after treatment with advice on further care.

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