How is CT of the jaw and teeth done?

In our clinic, a modern cbct is performed , which allows for the most high-quality diagnosis of the jaw condition. The bottom line is to create a three-dimensional image that will fully show all the existing problems that can only be identified. We use exclusively modern high-quality equipment that makes a clear 3d _ cbct in minimum time.

How dental is done mri?

Dental process computed tomography is quite easy to understand. In addition, throughout the entire duration of dental ct our doctor will stay by your side to supervise the process and support the patient until the very end. Since dental is carried out cbct ?

Basic steps in dental tomography are:

  • The introduction of a contrast agent. If there is a need for additional transillumination of the blood vessels in the oral cavity, the patient is injected with a contrast agent, which makes the three-dimensional image more detailed. After the introduction of the drug, it is required to wait a certain amount of time before proceeding directly to the behavior of cone beam ct;
  • Putting on protection. It is mandatory to wear a vest, which has a lead layer in it. It protects the chest from adverse x-rays during dental imaging;
  • Position of the patient. Depending on the height and wishes of our patient, he will be positioned in front of the apparatus standing or sitting. The option is chosen so that it is comfortable during the cbct jaw , because the process can take up to 10 minutes in a stationary position. Of course, we have exclusively innovative modern equipment installed, and therefore the process is carried out much faster;
  • Fixation of the head. This process is carried out using specialized supports that help fix the heads in a certain position. This helps to minimize the likelihood of inaccuracies and blurry features in the resulting 3D projection of the oral cavity;
  • Taking pictures. For one revolution, the equipment takes about 150-200 cbct shots lower jaw or the entire oral cavity to get the most detailed image of each area. At this stage, there are no unpleasant or painful sensations - you can not worry about this moment and even a child who is faced with pathologies or diseases can be taken for CT;
  • Getting the finished picture. As a rule, the sensor takes approximately 30 seconds to complete one pass, and during this period it is necessary to remain in a stationary position;
  • Release of the patient. After viewing the result, our doctor carefully releases his head and removes the vest, after which he sends the result to the doctor.

It turns out that no special action is required on the part of the patient - it is carried out by the doctor himself. The only thing to do is to remain still during the diagnosis.

Why is CT performed?

The main purpose of a CT scan is to obtain a complete overview of the condition of the dentition. This is required for the treatment of a number of diseases, as well as for adjusting the position of the teeth relative to each other, assessing the condition of the roots, and so on. Also, in inflammatory processes, the procedure is carried out with the introduction of a contrast agent in order to assess the condition of the blood vessels and correctly adjust the treatment.

The specialists of our clinic do not prescribe computer diagnostics without good reasons, knowing full well that X-ray exposure without a good reason is an unnecessary procedure. The treatment is carried out quickly and efficiently, with advice on all issues and the provision of recommendations on maintaining the health of the oral cavity in the future. We will help you solve any problem.

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