Treatment and prevention of stomatitis: what is important to know about the disease

The question is how to cure stomatitis worries every person who has come across it. Our clinic provides professional services for the treatment of stomatitis, diagnosis of the variety and advice on prevention. We employ only professionals in their field who have many years of experience and can determine the exact causes of stomatitis .

Varieties and symptoms of stomatitis

To date, there are the following types of stomatitis:

  • Bacterial. Assume the appearance of a large number of abscesses, in which it is the bacterial flora that develops. Reproduction occurs rapidly in a bacterial environment.
  • Viral. Viral stomatitis treatment involves a complex effect on the body, combined with a regular visit to the dentist. Our staff will conduct an examination and advise on what and how to do in order to obtain an excellent treatment result.
  • Herpes. Herpes _ stomatitis there are quite a few causes of occurrence, because the pathogen itself can live in the human body for a very long period of time. At the same time herpes stomatitis symptoms can be as similar as possible to other varieties of the disease, and therefore only an experienced dentist can unambiguously determine it
  • Allergic. But allergic stomatitis treatment can be complex and lengthy, including the need for constant prevention of its occurrence or limiting contact with the allergen as far as possible (for example, exclusion from the diet of certain products)
  • Ulcerative. Most painful ulcerative stomatitis the symptoms are quite unpleasant. It involves the appearance of numerous ulcers on the mucous membranes, which become inflamed and pulsate, especially when food or drinks get on their surface.
  • Contact. Define contact stomatitis symptoms is possible only if a person knows for sure that he had previously had contact with an infected person, as a result of which an exchange of pathogenic microorganisms and pathogenic flora occurred

The varieties described are the most common in modern society. But also a person may encounter other forms, for example, aphthous or chemical stomatitis. And in our clinic, any kind of disease can be successfully treated.

Effective treatment of stomatitis in adults and children is possible only when contacting an experienced specialist. Otherwise, you will not cure the disease, but simply relieve the symptoms and discomfort, which is fraught with a relapse.

Often the problem is not taken seriously. The sufferer of discomfort searches the Internet for an answer and begins to self-medicate. There are many tips on what helps with stomatitis, but not all of them are professional. Therefore, do not neglect the advice of a doctor, because the treatment regimen is different for each type of disease.

How is treatment and prevention carried out?

Define stomatitis causes and treatment can only be done by an experienced dentist who has experience and specialized education in his field, and just such specialists work in our clinic. We will treat the disease at any stage of its development, advise on self-treatment at home, and also tell you how to minimize the likelihood of the disease.

Unfortunately, even the constant implementation of preventive actions does not give a 100% guarantee that a person will not encounter stomatitis. Therefore, if you experience any unpleasant or uncomfortable sensations, do not delay treatment and contact our clinic as soon as possible.

It is important not to self-treat at home, as this can cause a significant aggravation of the situation. Of course, we will cure any situation, but it is better not to make yourself worse and more painful, and do not put off treatment indefinitely, hoping that everything can go away on its own without medical treatment.

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