Why do teeth hurt and wobble after braces?

The question is do braces hurt , worries almost every person who decides to install them. actually braces pain passes quickly enough, literally in the first few days after dental intervention. Of course, you will have to get used to changes in the oral cavity and this can cause some discomfort. But is it okay what does getting braces hurt ? It is worth looking into this issue in more detail.

Loose teeth - is this normal?

More often than with the question of how to stop braces pain , braces wearers face the question of whether teeth are normal feel wobbly with braces?

In the event that the installation of the system was carried out by professionals, for example, in our clinic, then the appearance of toothache and slight loosening is not accompanied by other unpleasant symptoms. And why do braces hurt and loose feeling? As a rule, within 1-2 weeks, after which the problem goes away on its own. During counseling, we always warn our patients about the occurrence of such sensations, and that this is the norm.

That teeth wobbly after braces are the norm, since the main task of braces is to correct their incorrect position. The reason is that the arc presses on the metal bases installed in the teeth, as a result of which the teeth hurt braces and teeth wobbly with braces. Otherwise, the correction is not carried out, since pressure is an obligatory part of the correction of the dentition.

It is important to note that the question of when do braces stop hurting , it is impossible to answer unambiguously, since everything depends on the condition of the teeth and their location relative to the normal arc.

Pain after braces

How _ to reduce braces pain or how long does braces pain last until the correct position of the teeth is obtained? Most often, dentists simply recommend waiting out this time so as not to take additional drugs and not harm the established system. But in the event that after a few weeks it is unclear, braces pain relief - it is important to contact the dentist who performed their installation. When contacting our clinic, you do not have to worry about the risks of serious problems after the installation of the system, as we employ exclusively experienced specialists using modern equipment and using only the best dental materials.

Is it true that how to get rid of braces pain during meals? If you prepare for the final results after treatment, of course, yes. The correct position of the teeth completely eliminates the likelihood of unpleasant and painful sensations during meals.

Often at our dentists ask how to relieve pain from braces And how long do braces hurt . On average, it takes up to 7-10 days for the main pain to pass, after which it begins to subside. Feelings are almost always tolerable, but if the pain interferes with eating or sleeping, leading a normal life, the use of painkillers is allowed. We will tell you about what remedies are best taken for pain in the oral cavity, and we will also help you adjust the diet to get rid of it in the shortest possible time.

And the last important question - does putting braces hurt ? During dental procedures, we always use painkillers so that our patients do not experience significant discomfort and pain. Therefore, when contacting us, to the question of does it hurt to get braces, we can definitely answer no. Yes, there may be a slight discomfort and not too pleasant sensations, but there will definitely not be serious pain.

We will supply high-quality braces from modern materials, check the system before the end of the session, and also tell you everything you need to know. Do not wait for a miracle that will make your life better - a healthy and beautiful smile is what you can get right now!

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