Teeth alignment

The formation of a malocclusion can bring a lot of problems to a person, ranging from psychological to physiological discomfort. As a rule, the occurrence of high bite is due to hereditary factors, breastfeeding, bad habits, prolonged thumb sucking and other reasons.

In recent times, correction was possible only in childhood, but after the advent of modern braces , now there is an opportunity for people in adulthood.

Dentistry "Smile Factor" offers teeth alignment and bite correction at affordable prices using only modern, proven technologies.

How to determine the wrong bite


There are several signs by which you can determine the wrong bite:

  • there is overlapping of the bottom row with the top row by at least a third;
  • absence of a gap between teeth, antagonists - teeth interact with each other;
  • the middle facial line runs in the center between the incisors;
  • there are no violations of chewing and speech function.

There are several types of bite ( straight, orthognathic , biprognathic and progenic ). Each makes it possible for the dentition and jaws to work correctly, forms a correct and clear diction, and also provides an aesthetically attractive smile.

Regardless of what type of malocclusion is formed, the dental system begins to work incorrectly, which is certainly reflected in aesthetics and other functions. Often it becomes the cause of the appearance of diseases in other systems, for example, in the gastrointestinal tract.

It is customary to distinguish the following types of malocclusion depending on the form:

  • open. Separate dental units do not interact with each other;
  • deep. Overlapping of the lower incisors by the upper ones;
  • distal. The lower jaw receives enhanced development, or vice versa, underdevelopment;
  • cross. The presence of underdevelopment in one of the jaws;
  • mesial. The definition occurs through one of the extended jaws;
  • dystopia. Formed difficult bite , since the teeth are in the wrong places.

To take a bite correction , orthodontic therapy is used for these purposes . The process is long and complicated, but thanks to the professional skills of the Smile Factor specialists, the client achieves excellent results even in the most difficult situations.

It is extremely important to monitor the formation of bite in childhood. If any changes occur, you need to make an appointment with an orthodontist appointment . The fact is that it is much easier for a child to correct an overbite than for an adult.


What are braces

In recent times, braces have only been used for children up to a certain age. The systems required long-term use. As a result, the desired result was achieved in a few years. To date, a large number of systems have appeared that can be used for adults.

One of the most popular and sought after is Damon . bracket system. On the territory of the Russian Federation, it began to be used relatively recently. However, after a while it was already able to collect a large number of positive responses, which proves its effectiveness. Braces do not cause pain, comfort during use, help to evenly distribute pressure around the entire perimeter of the oral cavity. The locks are small, so you don't actually feel them.

Bracket system Damon Q allows you to get corrected teeth in less time. The system is small in size, and the locks visually resemble rhinestones, which, on the one hand, gives the structure an attractive appearance. Such a system is expected to be used for a short time. Gradually, you can adjust the proportions of the face, achieve an aesthetic smile. In this case, there is no load on the facial muscles.

Unlike other designs, the new braces look attractive as the clasps cannot be seen with the naked eye. They are almost transparent, so a person does not experience any psychological discomfort.

Why you should use braces

Many people who see metal structures on the teeth of passers-by think that they will never use such a device (even if there are bite problems).

However, modern braces are compact, do not cause pain and are almost invisible. The vast market offers a wide range of bracket systems , which allows you to choose the option based on the needs of the person. You can find almost transparent options, someone prefers small and neat, similar to pebbles. But most importantly, it is an opportunity to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile.

To get advice from specialists, just call the contact phone number or leave a request on the website of the Smile Factor clinic. Experts will be happy to help you solve even the most complex problems.

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