Prevention of gum disease. How to care for sensitive gums.

Carrying out prevention of gum disease is of great importance, since it is gum problems that often lead to the development of more serious, severe diseases. Of course, our dentists will cope with any problem and tell you how to properly care for the oral cavity after the treatment. But it's much better not to encounter diseases at all, isn't it?

Preventive measures

Question about prevent gingivitis and prevention of periodontal disease is the most important, since these two problems appear much more frequently than any other. It should be noted that stop gum disease and even return them to a normal state with a slight manifestation of the problem, it will be possible on their own, by following simple preventive measures. Tо him include:

  • Holding quality purges teeth . Main measure of periodontitis prevention is to follow all the recommendations for caring for the oral cavity, which involve the use of not only high-quality toothpaste and a non-rigid toothbrush, but also dental floss and an irrigator, rinse aid. In general, the best way to prevent gum periodontal disease is to regular professional dental cleaning, which involves the use of professional equipment and related examinations. In our clinic, this procedure is carried out quickly and efficiently, without discomfort and discomfort by professionals in their field;
  • Adjustment of a way of life. Another best way to prevent gum disease - give up alcohol and tobacco products, which have a strong negative impact not only on the condition of the mucous membranes of the oral cavity, gums and teeth, but also on the state of the whole organism as a whole. As for adjusting the diet, it is recommended to exclude strongly solid foods such as nuts and overdried crackers, as they can also have a negative effect on the condition of the gums, in particular, scratch them;
  • Regular visits to the dentist. Considering the ways to prevent gum disease , one cannot fail to note the timely regular visit to the dental office for a scheduled examination. The doctor not only assesses the condition of the gums, but also detects some diseases at the earliest stages of their appearance, even before the formation of vivid symptoms. Often this helps to avoid serious consequences.

In general, dental disease prevention is quite simple , and therefore everyone can follow it. This is important for the health of the gums and teeth.

When is it time to see a doctor?

Even if a person makes every effort to avoid gum disease , there is still a chance that at some point or another the disease will manifest itself, and therefore treatment will be required. It is important to contact our clinic at the first symptoms and not to postpone treatment indefinitely in order to avoid the risk of developing serious diseases.

You should contact us in the following cases:

  • The appearance of bleeding and hypersensitivity. These are the first signs that something is wrong. Normally, a person should not have bleeding at all, including when brushing his teeth, and there should not be hypersensitivity at normal food temperatures;
  • Presence of pain. They can appear while eating food, during conversations, and even for no particular reason. Regardless of the time of appearance, a specialist consultation will not be superfluous;
  • Redness and obvious signs of tissue swelling. These are already very serious symptoms, with which a visit to a specialist should not be postponed even for a day.

We are ready to accept each patient, as well as provide emergency assistance if necessary. We employ only professionals in their field who accurately diagnose the problem and prescribe the correct treatment to eliminate it.

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