Diagnosis and treatment of teeth under a microscope

Using dental The microscope is a must when treating difficult cases, allowing the doctor to get a better view and see all the little details. A professional dentist who performs a wide range of work and provides emergency care should have it without fail. That is why our offices are equipped with numerous modern equipment so that anyone who needs it can receive help.

When is a microscope used in treatment?

Use of endodontics microscope is necessary if a person has a large number of complex dental canals that need to be treated. Our specialists take a responsible approach to their work, and therefore often consider teeth under a microscope to eliminate the risk of missing important points.

Other indications for the use of teeth microscope is:

  • Retreatment of teeth. We often correct the work of less competent colleagues, and in such cases we always use professional equipment to track the status of channels. In this case, the use of a microscope endodontic is a necessity, because without it it will be very difficult to get a high-quality result;
  • Presence of complications. If an untimely visit to our clinic is made, the probability of treatment is very high also when viewing teeth in microscope . Often people come to us with quite neglected cases, which are practically impossible to cure without the behavior of additional control. That is why it is worth contacting us when the first alarming symptoms appear, because in this case, the treatment will be carried out much faster, and significantly cheaper;
  • High-quality removal of nerves and elimination of the risk of remnants of fragments of crushed teeth. Before the advent of the practice of using microscopes in dentistry, it often happened that after treatment strong inflammatory processes began, which caused questions and misunderstandings. Studies have shown that the main reason for their appearance was the presence of remnants of nerves or fragments of teeth in the canals. Sometimes even pieces of tools were found. The use of a microscope helped to eliminate the risk of all the situations described.

We always use additional equipment if there is the slightest indication for this, so that the result is of high quality and does not provoke the development of new unpleasant symptoms. Professionalism and reinsurance in the treatment of difficult cases is extremely important.

Why take photographs of a tooth under a microscope?

A microscope is also often used to take a picture of a tooth that needs treatment. In our clinic, this procedure is carried out quite often, especially when dealing with an emergency. But why take pictures?

Most often, they are done so that several doctors can get acquainted with the situation in detail and find the best solution to the problem. The presence of a picture allows you not to cause discomfort to the patient and to consider everything in more detail, by means of an increase. In addition, the image can be shown directly to the patient, so that he understands the seriousness of the problem and does not refuse treatment.

After the end of the treatment, a second x-ray can be taken so that the patient of our clinic can evaluate the verified work. Of course, all images are stored in a personal file, so that when dealing with pain in the same tooth, you can quickly understand what kind of manipulations have already been carried out before, what materials were used, how serious the problem was, and so on.

Do not be afraid of dental equipment - it is being developed and improved in order to improve the quality and safety of treatment, as well as to give each person a healthy and beautiful smile. We treat any problems of the oral cavity and always carry out a full diagnosis to eliminate all risks.

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