Why do fillings fall out?

Dental fillings are a material that is used to restore or strengthen a tooth. They can be made from a variety of materials, including cement, composite and metal. Fillings can be placed on teeth that have been damaged by tooth decay, are cracked or chipped, or need additional support.

Many people who have undergone dental treatment have been faced with the question of why do fillings fall out. Even if you turn to a private, trusted clinic, there is still the risk that the filling will fall out after some time, and in this case it is worth going back to clarify the reasons. why do my fillings keep falling out? It is worth considering the most common reasons.

why does the same filling keep falling out?

Dental fillings can fall out for several reasons. Some of these include improper placement of the filling, wear of the filling material over time, poor diet and brushing habits, and exposure to oral acids. If you have problems with your dental fillings, it is important to see your dentist for an examination and possible filling repair or replacement.

The most common reasons why did my tooth filling fall out are as follows:

  • Usury. Each material has certain wear indicators, and if the approximate time has expired, the seal may simply fall off. Therefore, indicatively, the period ranges from 4 to 15 years, after which the grouted areas may require new treatment.
  • Injuries. The question of why do tooth fillings fall out after suffering a facial injury requires no explanation. Even if the teeth themselves are not damaged, strong mechanical stress also affects the filling materials, which can break or simply detach from the internal cavity of the tooth and fall.
  • Failure to comply with dental recommendations. When performing dental treatment, our dentists always talk about how to properly care for the oral cavity. If they are not followed, the filling may simply fall out, and this is one of the most common answers to the question of why why tooth filling fell out:
  • Large filling cavity size . why does my front tooth filling keep falling out? Perhaps the problem is that too large an area is filled, so the material does not adhere firmly to the remaining tooth. During the curing process the material shrinks in size and because of this it simply detaches from the surfaces it was originally attached to due to the pressure under the filling. Of course, the doctor at our clinic will try to save the tooth, but if the fillings constantly fall out, a prosthesis may be necessary
  • Another answer to the question why do composite fillings fall out is the presence of tooth decay. In the event that there is a carious cavity under the location of the material, the question why has my filling fallen out has a very logical answer: preliminary removal of caries was not carried out. This can happen when contacting an inexperienced or careless specialist.

In fact, the reasons are different, and the dentists of our clinic can determine the exact one through diagnostics. We will help you solve the problem and treat your teeth efficiently.

What to do if a filling falls out?

The question of why did my cavity filling fall out became clear, but what to do if such a situation occurred? It is best to make an appointment with our dentist now, who will be able to accept an urgent appointment as soon as possible. Carrying out any manipulations yourself can lead to unpleasant consequences.

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