Everything You Need to Know About Dental Granuloma

A dental granuloma is an inflammatory process in the periodontium, localized in a small area at the root of the tooth. This disease develops slowly and can progress for a long time without any pronounced symptoms, until an exacerbation reveals its presence through severe toothache, swelling, and redness of the gum. For diagnosis, dentists use radiography or visiography - digital imaging, which allows obtaining a detailed picture. Treatment depends on the size of the granuloma, the stage of development, and possible complications. Both conservative treatment and surgical intervention are possible.

What is a Dental Granuloma?

A granuloma usually forms at the apex of the tooth root but can also be found at the site of the bifurcation of the tooth canals or under the crown. It is considered a protective reaction of the body to inflammation, aimed at isolating the infection from healthy tissues. Often, a granuloma is diagnosed in a very advanced stage, when it represents a sac filled with altered granulation tissue cells. Without timely treatment, a granuloma can turn into a cystogranuloma and further into a cyst.

Causes of Occurrence

The main causes of a granuloma's development are pulpitis, periodontitis, tooth trauma, and also mistakes by the dentist during treatment. Stress, physical strain, climate change, or ARVI can provoke an exacerbation of the disease.


In the early stages, a granuloma may not show itself, but over time, painful sensations when biting and painful reactions to hot drinks may appear. When exacerbating, there are observed swelling, redness of the gum, increased pain, darkening of the tooth crown, and enlargement of the submandibular lymph nodes.


A granuloma is often diagnosed accidentally during a radiographic examination conducted for another reason. It's hard to notice the initial stages due to the lack of pronounced symptoms. Diagnosis includes visual examination, history collection, testing reactions to cold and hot, as well as radiography or visiography.

Knowing about the existence and nature of a dental granuloma is important for timely consultation with a specialist at the first symptoms to avoid serious complications and save the tooth. Modern diagnostic and treatment methods allow effectively combating this disease, preventing its progression into more dangerous forms.

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  • Comfort and Safety: We guarantee that your treatment will be conducted in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere. Our clinic is equipped with the latest technology, which makes the procedure as painless and safe as possible;
  • Continuous Support and Consultations: After treating a granuloma, we continue to provide support to our patients, offering recommendations for the care of teeth and gums to prevent the recurrence of the disease.

Choosing the Factor Smile dental clinic in Dubai means choosing the highest level of care for your health. We strive to ensure that every patient leaves our clinic confident in the beauty and health of their smile.

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